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Urthel Saisonnière

I’ve seen this on the shelf for years, always glanced over it in favor of something else. I finally picked one up when my local shop decided to put it in the cooler (rather than the “warm shelf”).

I kind of have to clasify this under ‘meh’. Not because it’s a bad beer, not by any means, but because to me, it tastes A LOT like Duvel, except not nearly as good. It’s almost like Duvel Light. Maybe a good introductory beer into belgian styles?

Was about $3 for a 330ml bottle.

I agree. It is tasty, but there is nothing that stands out that makes me want to drink another one at that price. I like Dupont when I can find it for a good price. I also like Saison Pipaix because it is so different, but I cannot drink a lot of it. I make a pretty good saison so I don’t buy a lot of them.

I picked one of these up tonight. It was 3.50 for 11.2 oz bottle. I like it. Its tart and lively. The picture of yours looks much clearer than mine poured. I wish more bottles this size were available…much easier to purchase and sample than the large champagne type bottles.

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