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Urca Vanilla Porter: Yummy to blah

So brewed the Urca Porter, did the “Vanilla Dry Hop” i mentioned in another thread, and turned out great!! Smooth, creamy, a little sweet, not overly bitter, nice vanilla. Went on vacation, for 2 weeks and tried it, became harsh, bitter, and not so much vanilla. Did the vanilla just run its course like a dry hop and bring more of the beer forward? Or something else bad? :?

In a keg set to 45 F. Kegged early November, can’t remember the date off the top of my head. Under pressure the whole time.

mabbe some un-savory elements of the bean were eventually extracted (outer skin or something??)

Only had the beans soaking in the keg for the first 5 days. Pulled them out after that.

Could be something in the keg. How did you clean the keg before filling? Did you do a full dis-assemble? PBW? Starsan?

Didn’t do a full tear down before this one. Soaked keg in Starsan before filling and ran the starsan water through all hoses and connections before filling.

Sounds like the vanilla flavor was covering the other tastes and ran its course. Maybe add a little extract. I’m just guessing though since I never added anything to a keg after carbonation.

I agree. I’m not ruling out another problem but I do know vanilla fades FAST. And with only a 5 day soak I doubt you extracted as much flavor as you could have.

Tastes like a porter to me, which isn’t my favorite style, so could be right on and I still wouldn’treally like it, but I did with that vanilla in there. I’ll try adding vanilla a little at a time and adjust from there. Didn’t think it would fade THAT fast.

Thanks guys.

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