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Upgrading to 3 keg system

I am currently running 2 kegs off of one regulator with a split line. I am having issues and have decided to just upgrade to a 3 keg system with a tripple reg. I keep ny tank in the fridge now but with the third it won’t fit. How do I run the lines in from the outside if my fridge?

Look up where your refrigerant lines run and find and place to cut a hole to run your Co2 lines through. Don’t hit the lines :wink:

An alternate setup would be to run a single regulator to a 3 way manifold, so then you’d only have 1 line going into your kegerator.

Search around, there is a large thread about kegerator builds…

here is it… ... tor-29053/

What issues are you having with a 2 keg, split regulator system and how do you think a 3 keg/3 regulator system will fix it?

If you just want to upgrade to a 3 keg system that is great. Unless you really feel it is necessary to carbonate things at different levels there is no need for a separate regulator for each keg.

They make 3 way air distibuter for about 30 to 40 bucks that you can run 1 line down from the reg and split into 3 seperate air lines. Unless you need different pressures then you could add a body to existing regulator for as little as 40 bucks if you shop around. I just ordered another body to my regulator so i can carbonate my hefs.

Well I have a porter on one tap and a cream ale on the other. For some reason, the cream ale is pouring perfectly. The porter on the other hand is flying out of the tap and im wasting a lot of it on foam. I have had other problems with beer getting in my air lines because I hooked a full keg up to one line while the other line was hooked up to a half full keg. The difference in pressure caused beer to get sucked up in my air line. I will do some research and look into a distributor. I thought my only other option was a tripple reg. Thanks for the help. Hopefully you will save me some $$$$$$. Any more advice is much appriciated. Thanks for the link Shredd.

The volume of beer in the kegs should not cause a problem. But yes, the pressure inside the keg will.

Are you naturally carbonating in the keg? If so you could have an in balance in pressure. Or the temp of the kegs when you hook them up could cause an in balance.

Item #K033 and K243 are 3 way manifolds with check valves. That will prevent beer from getting pushed back into the others.

The more kegs you put into you system the better the chance you will have a leak somewhere along the line. be very careful about getting tight connections and check them all well. It sucks to suddenly have an empty tank of gas on a friday night.
Just a cautionary note.

Check valves, that’s exactly what you need.

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