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Updating to kegs, any recommendations?

I am ready for the big step into kegging, but not sure how to go about it. Are there any specific brands I should look for? I’m unsure about ordering one online without looking at it first. Also, how is the upkeep? I’m assuming lots of cleaning and sanitizing is involved as well as maybe loose O-rings and carbonation issues may arise. There have been talks about building a bar, so tap handles are mandatory.

Thank You for any advise,


Pick ball or pin lock and go get a few kegs. Definitely buy used. No need to spend extra money on new kegs. If you can hook up with a group buy through a brew club or LHBS that’s the way to go. Ball lock are more common, but both work fine. Replace the O-rings on any used keg you get and make sure you check the pressure before accepting a purchased keg. They should come pressure checked, but the O-rings won’t be new. A set doesn’t cost much… only a few $. I recently purchased 3 ball lock cornies through a group buy and paid $24 each!

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