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Make sure to set your temp controller. Got all excited to decant and pitch my yeast into my APA this morning after a night brew last night and realized on the way to the basement that the wort was going to be about 39*.

Hopefully warming slowly back up and pitching tonight once it gets to 62-64 or so won’t be a problem.

I have just put the container on the cool concrete basement floor to let it cool off. It seems a bit at odds with at least one of the principles of no-chill to chill by artificial means. Of course you are still saving water, and the stuff is cooling off more gradually than with an IC or CFC.

So you are cautioning a bunch of beer-swilling yahoos not to have a brain fart? Good luck with that.

Exactly why I’ve stopped drinking while brewing. Those brain farts were increasing! I enjoy a cold one during clean up these days!

Part of the reason why I called it “Partial Chill”. I mean if No Chill were my ethos, then yes, I would be violating that and should confess sins. However, since its nothing more to me than one of the ways I can have a 3.5hr brew day, I don’t worry about violating its tenets.

I drop it below 140 with the IC as I recall reading that’s when SMM becomes inactive, also I don’t trust boiling liquid in HDPE, especially since I carry it.

Ok, I’m a bit nervous. Since I ‘overchilled’ this, I still dumped into a new container when the beer was at 39* or so (cleaned and spray-sanitized w/ Star San). I left this out for about 4 more hours to warm up (after the aeration of dumping/decanting), then pitched and let it warm up the rest of the way. Around Day 4, I noticed activity slowing, so I raised the temp from 68* (beer) to 72* (ambient…ie I took it out of my ferm fridge). This is my typical schedule and it helps to get me to full attenuation. Pulled a sample at day 4 and it tasted good and hoppy, clean, just a little young, maybe yeasty.

Pulled another sample last night (Day 7) and noticed a few eraser-sized flecks on the surface. Hopefully these were just yeast remnants, but they appeared to have a bluish tint (mold?). The sample tasted fine, but had a weird vegetal, almost buttery smell. Did a 90 minute boil with the lid off, but am wondering if my extended chill then transfer then warming might have allowed some DMS to develop. Alternatively, I’m hoping I didn’t pick up lacto or another bug (known to produce diacetyl) with this extended chill/warm-after-too-much-chilling.

Either way, this beer isn’t ready to pull off the yeast, which is a bummer, because half the reason I made the beer was to grow up a cake for a 1/2 BBL of RIS we are brewing tomorrow. The other half was for a welcome home party for a vet friend of mine thats been in the AFG for the last year. Looks like its going to be a six-pack of US-05 kind of brew tomorrow and maybe a store-bought beer for the party next weekend.

Yet another lesson, if you are brewing for a specific event, do it at least a month ahead of time so you can brew another batch if you need to.

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