Update on low OG on Inkeeper Pale Ale

Greetings - Here is the post from a few weeks ago:

I brewed the Innkeeper Pale Ale yesterday and followed the NB recipe kit to a T. There was a lot of sludge in the kettle so I didn’t add the bottom two inches or so to the primary fermenter and needed to add additional water to get to 5 gallons.

I took the OG and it was 1.030 (the kit says it’s supposed to be @ 1.042). I checked the primary this morning and active fermentation is beginning and it’s starting to develop a nice krausen.

Did I screw something up? I’m thinking it’s probably going to end up being a little lower ABV.

Any comments/suggestions? Thanks!

Okay - here is the update as of 3/9/13 -

I just racked to secondary and took the hydrometer reading (with two different hydrometers). It read 1.005. With my calculations, the (almost final gravity will be 3.275. I think I have brewed a 3.2 British Pale Ale!!! :cheers:

Actually it appears your hydrometer could be reading a bit low