Update kveik yeast

so now one week ago that i did brew with a yeast kveik strain
must say it nice and going strong it behaves good
nice krausen going on and constand airlock acitvity
did not take a reading yet think monday will take a sample

Sounds great! I was reading on another site that traditionally kveik yeast would be fermented hot, and the beer bottled after 40 hours. Yep, 40 hours! Then it was bottle conditioned without any priming sugar and served at day 10.

Not suggesting anyone should do it, as it sounds like a recipe for bottle bombs, but it’s pretty amazing that you can ferment so high and quickly and still have something palatable so soon!

well the temp that did me become intressted into the yeast strain
because of the hot temp here on the island

Mine will be a week tomorrow. Super quick fermentation, and the yeast has already dropped. Tempted to rack, sample, harvest, and dry hop in a couple of days. I only pushed the temp to low 70s.


Would this be a typical farmhouse ale recipe? This is interesting to me for later in the summer when I have some problems with fermentation temp control. Actually brewing with hot temps could be a game changer for my stash if it works.

I would wonder ifn somewhere it sez to bottle after 40 hours if some couldn’t be racked into a plastic bottle then as an experiment to see how it does attenuate… therefore no bottle bomb? Sneezles61

Sorry if this was already discussed. Where are you all getting this yeast? Thanks.

Yeast Bay is where I ordered mine.

The word Farmhouse almost threw me off. The description says this is non-phenolic with esters that smell like orange peel. I can say I smelled the orange peel strong during the most active part of fermentation.

did not open the fermentor yet curious i am

git close to it and git a whiff? Sneezles61

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Ordered a vial of this yesterday, plus a beta release of their new lacto blend. So I’ll be jumping on this bandwagon soon! Maybe for my spruce IPA.

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did take a reading this morning and tomorow do transfer dry hop to second
it went from 1.066 to 1.013 in just week

Can this yeast be used with many different styles of beer, or do we not know the answer to that question yet? Thanks.

I am hoping to hear it will! Sneezles61

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what i hear its a overall yeast strain

I’m mashing in on a Porter now… hoping for a chocolate orange kind of thing.

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That sounds tasty! So the orange is not subtle with this yeast then? I would think if you get some orange flavor to come through in flavorful beer like a porter, it’s got to be fairly strong?

The smell is definitely strong. At some point this week, I’m going to sample a Kveik IPA, which will give me a better idea on flavor.


did send a email about this kind of yeast yesterday if its a overall kind of yeast strain

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