Unsanitized Kegging

I had three Kegs sitting around my work area. All CLEAN and sealed (not pressurized) but only one had just been sanitized. Of course, I racked my Pale Ale into a un-sanitized one!! I am fairly new to kegging but not to screwing a simple job up.

What are the chances this will be ruined beer? Anyone had a similar experience? I am thinking Carb it up fast and drink it faster.!

It’s probably alright since you said you cleaned it. Sanitization is a extra precaution.

I’m with BrewCat.

Keep it cold, that’ll help if you are concerned. If you are extra concerned, you could sorbate it, too.

Keep it cold and drink it fast. :cheers:

Thanks, Danny and the rest of you guys. I was racking it from cold crashing so that may help. Plus, I recognized the mistake in time to bottle two six-packs.

I like this plan!


I like this plan!

:cheers: [/quote]
Isn’t that the plan for all brew in a keg. I only drink the beer because I like brew day so much.