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Unmalted Wheat = Torrified Wheat?

I have never really understood what torrified wheat is. I have some and have used it in some recipes.

I am looking at some recipes that call for “unmalted” wheat and when I stopped my a LHBS yesterday, they did not have a bin with unmalted but they told me that Torrified = unmalted.

Is this true? I also got some flaked wheat, just in case. Best way to add that to a mash? Do I have to do anything first?

Torrified wheat is unmalted. Its been heat treated, and it puffs up kinda like popcorn. Flaked wheat is also unmalted, and has been flattened with a hot roller.

Since both have been partially “cooked” by their processing, you can throw them in the mash pretty much like any other grain, no need for a cereal mash. Since they’re unmalted they can’t convert themselves, so you do of course need to combine them with some base malt.

If you use truly raw unmalted wheat (like you would buy at a health food store) then you will want to pre cook it or do a cereal mash.

I use unmalted wheat and don’t do a cereal mash.

Yeah, I’ve done it that way before too. You get better conversion if you do the cereal mash though. In a style like a Belgian Wit which is actually supposed to be cloudy and starchy, it might actually be beneficial to NOT cereal mash. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m feeling lazy. :slight_smile:

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