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Universal Poppets

I kegged a Vienna Lager yesterday and put it on gas in the lager fridge and today there was about half gallon of beer in the floor. Definitely leaking slowly out the liquid post poppet.

I lubed it up and put it back together and it seemed to seal fine. I’ve checked it a few times tonight and no signs of leaking yet. Just thought I might order a couple and keep on hand.

The poppet looks like the one from a firestone challenger ball lock keg. Just the black o ring. Not the other ball lock poppet with the yellow piece inside. Will either one work?

Has anyone used the universal poppets? They don’t have the little 3 pointed star thing at the bottom. Just a wider spring base.

Thats a good question, as it seems mine are getting lazy too. They just don’t spring back and/or seal well at all… Sneezles61

I use them in a couple of my kegs, and don’t seem to have any issues. I have heard reports of some people clipping a little bit off the bottom of the spring to make it easier to push down the poppet, but that’s about the only complaint I can think of.

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