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Unita - Hop Notch (Nosh) IPA Clone HELP!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking for a partial mash clone for this beer for some time. Unfortunately, I’ve had no such luck.

I did however find a full mash recipe for it.

This is a 4 gal recipe calling for:

9 lb American - Pale 2-Row
0.75 lb American - Caramel/Crystal 120L
0.5 lb Red Wheat

I’d like to convert this to a 5 gal mini mash extract. Here’s what I came up with for fermentables:

7.25 lb Light DME
1.25 lb American - Carmel/Crystal 120L
.75 lb Red Wheat

I would do a mini mash with the grain.

This is my first time not using a NB recipe kit, so I’m definitely unexperienced when it comes to this. Anyways, does this look alright?

Additionally does anyone have advice on the hop quantities? I’m guessing I wont have to alter the addition schedule, but how should the quantities be adjusted going from a 4 gal batch, to a 5 gal.


Is the red wheat malted or unmalted? I would not reccomend using unmalted wheat in a mash with no base malt.

Also, for this beer, 3/4 lb of 120L seems like a LOT. Isn’t the beer fairly light colored?

I’m actually not sure, the original recipe I found didn’t specify. Could you recommend an alternative?

Would you cut back on the 120L and increase the DME?

Thanks for your help and patience. Like I said, this is my first time trying to come up with a recipe rather than just going from a kit.

I’d keep the wheat out of the mash and just use .5 lb of Wheat DME.
The website says it’s 15SRM, which is fairly dark, so maybe they do use this much 120. I only had it once and I thought I remember it be golden colored (maybe 9-11 SRM) but I have enjoyed hundreds of different IPAs so I could be wrong.

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