Unique Problem

I have a particular issue. I am currently stationed overseas. I got into brewing because I am in a third world country and all of the local beer is made with fromaldehyde (I can’t spell). I am beginning to run out of ingredient kits that I shipped over with me and it’s time to reorder ingredients, however, I can only ship dry ingredients according to pouch rules.

Does anyone have any good recipes that use dry ingredients only? I prefer darker beers and I have recently converted a spare freezer for lagering purposes. Currently I only have about 6 batches under my belt and I’m not quite ready for the all-grain stage.

Here this should help I love this place I buy all of my stuff from them and Northern brewer. http://www.homebrewing.org/AIH-Recipes_c_190.html If you look at their kits they all have a DME Only option at the bottom that you can check. They have good stuff. I’m pretty sure they ship over seas. Hope that helps

edit they do have international shipping

You should be able to do any extract recipe and just substitute dry malt extract (often referred to as DME) instead of the liquid malt extract (LME). I’ve heard the conversion rate is 1lb DME = 1.25 LME (since the LME also has water in it).

Northern Brewer might even be able to help you with a recipe kit if you call or email them (it would probably cost a bit more since DME is pricier and the extra work). If you have issues, just post any recipe you’re interested in here and I’m sure people can help.

+1 on emailing NB. They would totally convert it and send you the dry ingredients.

HOWEVER!!..AG isn’t as hard as you think. Try Brew in a Bag and supplement with DME if you want to make bigger beers. virtually no additional equipment. The Brewing TV guys do a great episode on it, but remember that it doesn’t have to be limited to smaller batches as they do!

Much as I like NB, they don’t ship overseas; I’ve tried to order from them. The same is true of most US based brew suppliers; after 2001 the regulations on exports tightened so much that is just isn’t worth the hassle for them, though I hope that changes.

There are a few international sites that will ship anywhere. Somewhere I have the name of a place in Australia that has reasonable pricing, PM me and I’ll see if I can dig it up for you. There are suppliers in Europe you can go to also, but most will charge an arm & a leg in shipping costs.

Where are you located? It might be fun and challenging to attempt to locate things locally you can brew with. I’ve done some of that since moving here. Expecially with fruits you can make wines that you wouldn’t be able to in the states, and all that takes for “supplies” is dry yeast, some nutrients and some campden tablets.

DME and dry yeast. I love Danstar Nottingham - it will make a huge variety of beers. It works down to ~ 58 F, so you can even do pseudo lagers with it. You don’t need to make starters and it reliably takes off like a banshee. You can also get dry lager yeasts, Notty is just a favorite of mine.