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Unintended Hop Mixup

On Friday I made a double batch of Kolsch and I prepared for brewing just like I have dozens of times before. The hops are pretty straight forward with Tradition for 60 minutes and Hallertauer Hersbrucker for 30 minutes. As I finished weighing out the hops for each, I turned my back to check my strike water for maybe a minute. When I turned back I realized that I had forgotten which container of hops was which. I thought I would solve it by smelling the hops to identify. I just couldn’t tell the difference so what I did was to combine and mix the hops thoroughly then drop half in at the start of the boil and the other half at 30 minutes. I found that this snafu only made a difference of .8 IBU less. I will have to wait a while on the taste test.

Does anybody know if the taste would be that different?



Nah, it’ll be fine. But that’s a good solution to mixing up the hops!

Yea good call. I was thinking as I read…they’re pretty close in AA% so shouldn’t make much difference. The hallertauer IMHO is slightly more spicy. I wouldn’t worry about it…you may like it better this way!

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