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Unintended bourbon notes in Rye IPA

I’ve got a 14 gal batch of Rye IPA that I made with US-05. I know I made a couple mistakes with the batch (at least). I forgot to oxyegnate and the temp controller was wack and allowed the fermentation temp to get to ~74F before I caught it and dialed it back to 63. Two weeks at 63, then I crashed cooled to 32F for another week. I may have under-pitched a bit to as I only pitched 3 packets of yeast of this OG 1.072 beer. It did finish at FG 1.010.

Here’s the question: This beer has a distinctive “bourbon” flavor. It’s like I mixed a fifth of Jack into the fermenter. Not a hot alcohol or solventy flavor, more that carmelized oaky/peaty flavor. Anyone know what could cause that flavor note? Nothing was scorched in the kettle. The mash went perfectly. I’m stumped.

Have you made the beer before? Are you sure it’s not the rye you’re tasting?

Denny, I’ve made it before and I didn’t pick up on this flavor before. Does it strike you as having a “bourbon” flavor?

Fight, every rye beer I’ve had and brewed have had that slight whiskey note. Some more than others. Is it something that you don’t like? Just wondering.

I’m OK with it, just didn’t expect it to be so pronounced. Like I said, my process wasn’t perfect on this brew, so I wondered if it was something I did wrong.

Did you use WY1450?

It may be that at higher temps WY1450 create some of those whiskey notes your detecting.

Did you use WY1450?

It may be that at higher temps WY1450 create some of those whiskey notes your detecting.[/quote]

No, US-05

Can’t help you then, I don’t ever recall whiskey notes in my rye beers with up to 20% rye in the grist.

What % rye did you use.

I could see describing the slight spiciness as being whiskey-like, especially in conjunction with a caramel note from a crystal 40 or 60 and a relatively high ABV.

Rye was 18.46% of the grain bill.

I’ve done this recipe before (several times). Never had this flavor note before.

New bag of rye? Were you drinking whiskey when you were brewing? Thats stuff promotes spillage.

I’ve never had bourbon other than in my BVIP so I’m not sure I’d know!

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