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Unexpected first taste with oktoberfest

hello all,

I recently did up my Oktoberfest, first time doing one fully lager-ed, did one last year using a ale-lager hybrid yeast as I did not have the proper lagering set-up. I set up my recipe using beersmith and a material list based off of Summit Brewing’s Oktoberfest. They list everything but percentages, hop addition times and so forth. I went through my process, everything went well, tasted fine going into the keg, let it do its final lagering in the fridge for a month and have recently taken the first tastes. My question is i’m getting a citrusy taste off of the front end. Just as it hits my tongue and if I hold it in my mouth for a while. on the swallow it tastes exactly like I was expecting. not trusting my taste I had my roommate taste it and he pointed out the same thing with out me mentioning it myself. I don’t think its from my grain bill so am assuming its from my hop additions. Summit, uses Tettnang, Northern Brewer and Saaz. I used an oz of each, doing a five gallon batch. started with Tettnang, did late additions of Northern and saaz. wasn’t expecting citrusy, grapefuit tones from any of these. If you have any ideas or need more information let me know. I’m wondering if this might settle out over time. Don’t really plan on drinking it for a while still.

Why would you not expect citrus from summit hops?

There’s no summit hops in there, it’s a clone of a Summit Brewing beer.

Where your Tetts, Saaz, and NB hops US-grown or Imported?

ah my eyes read that as Summit, Tettnang, Northern Brewer and Saaz

If I remember correctly the saaz were us the others were imported.

I’m not too familiar with US Saaz but a lot of times when european hops are grown in american soil, they come out significantly different.

Let it age. Lagers clean up a lot over the course of months.

I would not have expected citrusy either, but just for reference, from Hopunion’s databook:



Aroma Medium-strong with some wild American tones

Possible Substitutions Chinook, US Northern Brewer, German Brewer’s

Only other thought is that 2oz of late hop additions seems like an awful lot for the style, but I’ve never had Summit Oktoberfest, so who knows.

Let it age some more and see what happens.

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