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Uneven liquid in gas cap

All of the star san is in the left (exit) side of the fermenting cap. Is this something I should be concerned about?


is it the ‘S’ style airlock? i’m not exactly sure what a gas cap, or a fermentation cap is.

if it’s an ‘S’ style airlock, it’s happening because fermentation creates co2, that is escaping. pushing through, and exiting the airlock.

it’s normal,

That’s actually a good sign. As CO2 is produced, it will push the liquid to the “exit” side of the airlock. It is a nice visual sign that fermentation has begun and that the “air” space in the fermenter is filled with CO2, protecting the beer from oxidation.

right, sorry, i forgot it was called the airlock. Okay that eases my mind and that is what I figured was happening, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks again

no problem. I was just making sure it wasnt an airlock that i’m not familiar with (there are a few styles).

It’s easy to get paranoid about your brew. I’m sure it will be fine :cheers:

yes, the type A personality of me hates the uneven levels as well, but it is normal, and trust me after trying I don’t know how many times to ‘get it back to level’ impossible to do. as long as there is blockage, which there is, it is fine.

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