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Undercounter Magic Chef Fridge to Kegerator

i was wondering if it’s possible to covert my magic chef beverage cooler to a kegerator. I was going to put it under a bar counter and install a draft tower on the counter. Do you just drill a hole in the top of the fridge? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :cheers:

Use caution as to not drill through the coolant lines, thus making the refrigerator useless. My advice, buy a purpose built kegerator. You can find them new for under $400, or on Craig’s list for much less.

Many video’s and web sites show you how to avoid making your fridge a boat anchor.

I did that with a danby fridge. Drill through the top but make sure there are no coolant lines. Sometimes you can find the schematics on the Internet that show if there are ones in the top. I put a pvc toilet fixture in the drilled hole. It had a rubber gasket that a 2" pvc pipe fit into snugly. I drilled a hole in the counter and ran the pipe through the hole in the counter into the pvc fitting. Everything was tight enough so I did not even caulk it. I put the tower right over the hole in the counter. Everything is sealed tight and a fan keeps the tower cool.

Do you have a link to website that sells them for the $400?


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