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Under Pitching vs 2 Different Types of Yeasts

I used mrmalty to find out how big of a starter I would need for my IPA. I forgot to plug in the date of the yeast and now realize that my starter isn’t going to be big enough. Would there be a problem if I was to just add some dry yeast that I have on hand to the batch that I am brewing today? I used liquid yeast for the starter. Thanks.

Supposedly one yeast will dominate the other so the dry yeast might not help. How close are you? Cheers!!!

I would add the dry yeast.
I’ve done this (I was forced to do it quite recently, in fact). The fermentation took off like a shot and I was stunned at how quickly it finished. And the beer (a pale ale) came out great. I’ve repitched the resulting slurry twice so far with equally good results.

In the past I have also combined different liquid yeasts when I needed to, and got very good results. In both cases,one of the yeasts may ultimately dominate, but it looks to me that they both work until the championship round declares a winner.

It depends on the yeasts but yea it should be fine.
What I would do is just pitch the dry yeast and build up the liquid yeast for next batch.
You can pull off wort from this batch for the starter.

Another option is to put 1 gallon of your new brew into the fermenter and let it go wild overnight. The next morning when the yeast is at high krausen, dump in the balance of the wort. It will go crazy again and works very well.

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