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Under hopped

I just sampled my lateset batch that come out of the fermenter and it is alittle on the sweet side. Is there a way to bitter it up some, or is it too late? I thought about taking some hops and boiling them and then pour the hopped water into the keg. Any thoughts?

Is it sweet because the gravity wound up high or because it is under hopped? You could always dry hop for some more flavor and aroma but you won’t get much bitterness out of this.

Would one of those hop shots do the trick if you wanted a more bitter beer out of the ferementer?

If it’s kegged just put the hops in a sanitized mesh bag and toss 'em in. It won’t add much hop bitterness but the extra hop flavor should help with you notice the sweetness a little less. It’s not necessary to boil them…

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