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Uncrushed grain

I ordered an all grain kit from our host and the grains came uncrushed. I dont have a mill of my own so I tried to crush the grain on the counter with a rolling pin. I thought I had it crushed good enough but after the mash, the gravity of my first runnings was 1.035 when last time I did the same kit it came out at 1.067. would the crush have this big of an impact on the gravity?

Easily. Crush is the #1 variable on efficiency.

I got “crushed” grain from NB that wasn’t actually crushed recently. I used a food processor, and it worked out well.

Call them, I would hope they make this right for you. NB is a quality house and they work to make folks happy when the inevitable problem comes up.

In order to hit gravity, I ended up making ~3 gallon batches with the 5 gallon batch’s grain. The upside is that you get great malt flavor and minimized risk of husk astringency… Call NB, they should help you out. They should also know that this happened, since it sounds like it’s not an isolated incident.

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