Unconventional wort chiller use

So I was thinking about ideas for a brew stand and one of the ideas I was contemplating was that of a wort chiller. Right now, when I chill I take my whole pot and put it in a bucket of ice and water. It chills fast but it’s cumbersome. Also it means that the thermal mass of the megapot also has to be cooled. So I thought, what if I were to put a valve on the megapot to which I could connect a copper immersion chiller and have the immersion chiller sitting in a bucket of ice and water? Are there any issues with contaminant buildup or any other issues with running the wort through the IC? Is this something that has already been tried

You’ll need to continually replace the cold water in the bucket, as it will quickly heat up and you’ll lose your temperature differential needed to cool the wort in the coil. Otherwise, it should work.

Another option would be to straighten your IC, stuff it into a garden hose, coil it back up, and flow cooling water through the hose and hot wort through the copper tube. It’ll take some soldered fittings on the garden hose. Voila! Homemade counter-flow chiller.

I use my IC the same way, sort of. It goes in a tub of ice water. I connect the city water to it and run it through before it goes to my CF chiller. It helps cool the water in summer months when the ground water temps get too high. Even with those temps in the 60’s maybe 70’s it burns through ice like you can’t believe. I put in those blue plastic ice things and collect ice for a few days before brewing. Still have trouble keeping up with it.

Sanitation wise, your idea will work. It’s the same as a CF. Rinse it well after use, clean with something like PBW and use a no-rinse sanitizer before use. I run some of the boiling wort through and let it sit for a minute before turning on the water just in case.

I think like Mark says would be the equivalent to doing an IC procedure, run some boiling wort through a couple of time and put the collected wort back in to boil and you shouldn’t have any problems. Cleaning of course before and after each use will help from wild stuff infesting yer brew. Sneezles61

What’s wrong with wild stuff living in your brew? I have a harder time keeping sacch out! :mrgreen:

Yes, some like it wild and some like it tame! Sneezles61 :cheers: