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Uncontrolled carbonation

Well, I am going to keg a porter this weekend and due to the holidays my spare fridge is full. My garage temp in the winter fluctuates between 38 and 47 degrees. I see that the carbonation charts are all temperature dependent and so I am concerned. Can I just set it at 8 PSI and let it sit for a couple weeks? Or do I need to have very stable temps?

I think plenty of people’s kegerators fluctuate that much or more!

I would aim for about 1/2 volume of CO2 less than you want, and set your regulator to that pressure, based on the mid-point of the temp range. That way in case the temp drops more than you think, it won’t overcarb. I would definitely use the cold weather to your advantage though and cold condition it while starting the carbonation process.

Hmm, OK. Please explain because I don’t quite understand what you mean by cold conditioning while I start the process.

I’m just saying the beer should benefit from cold storing it while you are waiting for your serving fridge to be freed up, which will be a bonus to jumpstarting the carbonation process.

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