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Un-pasteurized cider.....what do you recommend?

My local apple farm will press fresh juice for me right into my carboy for almost nothing.

5 gallons $5 dollars.

I know the whole warm it as well as chemically pasteurize process…but should I try the wild yeast process?

Anyone have a link to directions or a video n howto with fresh and minimal chemicals?


Wild yeast is hit or miss…it could turn out fantastic, or you could winding making some very good vinegar. Personally, I’d treat the unpasteurized juice with campden, and pitch known good yeast in the next day.

I definitely prefer unpasteurized juice, but it is getting harder to find (as is decent juice in general…everyone is making it too sweet, requiring an addition of malic acid or acid blend.

Lately, I’ve been buying cold pasteurized fresh cider from a local farm that uses a properly tart blend of apples. The UV light they use does no damage to the great juice they make…and it’s ready to be pitched with my tried and true yeast.

Hey professor…

Roes Orchard in Chester, NY has it until February every year. Unpasteurized!

And good luck replicating a batch done with wild yeast that turns out fantastic.

[quote=“Rookie L A”]
…And good luck replicating a batch done with wild yeast that turns out fantastic.[/quote]

Definitely true dat! I learned that lesson the hard way after my very first batch many years ago. Batch #1=great… Batch #2=yuk… Batch#3=yuk (I’m somewhat stubborn).

It’s been campdens and cultured yeast for me ever since then.

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