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UK apple juicing contest - "The Battle of Brogdale"

Brogdale Cider Festival, 23rd and 24th August 2014, is hosting a demonstration of the traditional pulp and press, and novel juice and strain methods of obtaining fresh apple juice . This will take the form of a contest between these two alternative methods in a “fair test” trial. It promises to be educational, instructive and, most of all, fun. The pulp and press team will be led by Peter Eveleigh of Hardwood Crafts. Peter, a bespoke scratter and press maker, and his co-worker, Andrew, will be equipped with an electric mill, and two manual presses – a 32 litre barrel press and a 50 litre rack and cloth press, all of his own fabrication. At approximately half the capital outlay, Nevin Stewart, and one other, will put two high performance juicers to the juice and strain task, see: Juice and strain YouTube video and juice and strain blog. Each team will have a 100kg of washed apples and one hour in which to do their best work. Yield of juice produced in a given time, and other key measures, will be recorded.

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Brogdale Cider Festival

Hardwood Crafts

scratter and press maker …

Juice and strain YouTube video

juice and strain blog

A post by the projects editor of Make: magazine, before and after the event, accurately describes the contest format and outcomes, see: … iddy-kong/

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