UH OH! Forgot to buy priming sugar!

Hey Everyone,

I just finished a Dogfish Head 60min clone extract brew.

On bottling day I realized that I forgot to pick up priming sugar so I used 2/3 cup of table sugar mixed with water (and boiled).

I waited about 8 days for the beer to carbonate (room temp was roughly 60-65)

When I opened one up there was no carbonation at all.

How worried should I be and is there anything I can do?

Thanks so much!

No big deal; you did right. Just keep the bottles in the warmest area of the house (not on floor) and wait for a total of 4-6 weeks for proper carbonation. It might help to rouse the bottles a little bit since it is a bigger beer.

Awesome. Thanks so much!

I only use table sugar.

Also fill a soda bottle with your beer. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on.

Then you can see/feel the CO2 being produced. No wasting beer opening the glass bottles.

As MullerBrau said, give it time and a warm room.

Great advice, thanks!

Cane sugar has a higher extract yield than corn sugar, so you need to use less cane sugar than corn sugar. If a recipe called for 4oz. corn sugar then you would need 3.8oz. of cane sugar for the same results.
Table sugar is just as good as cane and a lot cheaper too.

[quote=“wallybeer”]Table sugar is just as good as cane and a lot cheaper too.[/quote]They’re the same thing (unless the sugar is made from beets).