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UFO White Ale

It’s the wrong season but I don’t care.

Does anyone have a clone recipe for UFO White Ale that they like? I’m looking for an AG recipe.

Found this one over at brewtoad


Can’t help ya with a clone but there is never a wrong season for a wit. Got one planned myself!

I don’t seem to remember the ufo having a real Belgian yeast flavor. So you may want to ferment on the cooler side. A warm fermentation temperature will get you closer to an allagash

Very good point. That coriander flavor puts it in the ballpark, but they get it from actual coriander, not yeast handling, no clove or banana.

I read some where that the recipe is a basic Belgian wit what makes their special is the coriander. It’s not European coriander which is what most of us use. It is Indian coriander. Indian Coriander has much stronger citrus notes and smooth taste adds a superior flavor compared to European coriander. Now don’t be fooled if you go to buy indian coriander. The seeds are egg shaped instead of the sphere shape like European coriander. So if they are not egg shaped it’s not indian coriander. Also European seed is kinda light brown in color where indian seed are yellow

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