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Typical speed of growth?

Planting three species this year and have measured about an inch and a half a day on my cascade plants. Is this typical or do I have steroid infused soil? I know I’m in jersey but still…

Mine are currently on a 4" per day pace

Mine are more of a… Uh… Show-er than a grower I guess lol. I planted three weeks ago, should I expect a change in the growth rate on first years?

They will grow faster once they settle in a bit and mine are second year and growing like crazy

I read somewhere a foot or more a week once the nice sunny weather arrives.

There can be a lot of variability during the establishment year which I attribute somewhat to the location of where your cutting was taken from the rhizome. A 3 foot long rhizome may yield 5-7 cuttings and those bud near the end of the rhizome tend to be more developed than the ones closer to the crown. I’ve noticed some plantings take off with really thick vines while others may be no bigger than a strand of cotton twine. As long as they’re growing you’re fine because at this point they’re spending lots of energy growing roots and shoots. This fact is really noticeable in the second year as they have a decent root system developed by now and are able to throw a lot more energy into shoot production. Again, any growth at this point is a really good sign of things to come!

hmmm i agree

Alison agrees with a 2 year old thread everyone…Just FYI.

Wow, and here I was thinking… why do people keep growing hops in January???

I wasn’t going to do that, but now that Alison agrees I think I’m sold. Most people listen to Denny on here… I’m with Alison. Sorry Denny! :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s “her” real name, I wonder if “she’s” hot.

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