Two Weeks in Keg and Even Tastier

So, I’ve been wondering how long one can keep beer in the Corney keg. After my second kegging ever, I realized that it pretty much depends on how fast you drink it! Really, though… I’ve learned that after 2 weeks at cool temps, the beer is still fine. Actually, it improved in taste and clarification during that time. So, I guess my question is (and I’m sure it’s on this board somewhere), how long can real beer last in the Corney kegs?

If under CO2… a while. But it all depends on the style and your personal tastes. Most people would say hoppy beers should be consumed early. I actually prefer mine after they’ve been in the keg a few weeks and the flavors have time to meld. On the other had, I am just about to kick a keg of Winter Saison that was very strong 9.5%ABV. When I kegged it I thought I’d leave it sit for a while to mellow out, but it was fantastic right from the start.

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

Its just like a big bottle. Store it in the right conditions and it will last a long long long long time.

Months, possibly years if under co2 pressure. I have a Barleywine and a RIS that have been in kegs for 18 months

Hopefully you have a refrigerator where you can store your keg, so you can pull a cold beer anytime you want one. Those of us with kegerators can and do keep a cold keg or 2, or a few…, on co2 for months and they are fine - bigger the beer, the longer it normally takes to hit prime, and the colder the temp the longer the beer will stay fresh.