Two tier burner, thoughts?

Anyone use this for all grain mashing and boiling? Any comments good or bad appreciated.


Might need a heat shield on the left side uprights for the upper burner. Top of lower kettle may get to much heat when the upper burner is in use. An arm could catch to much heat also. Might take a first use to decide if it is necessary.

I use that same burner. I use the upper burner for sparge water. The lower burner for the brew kettle. Works fine. When I’ve done biab in winter and had my kettle wrapped with insulation I had to slide a pot lid between the burner to heat sparge water. The bottom burner is a jet burner and its loud but fast.

Nice rig. I have a 15 gallon megapot mash tun and 10 gallon brew pot. It just seems like an economical approach vs a expensive 3 tier.

That will work. Just use your old burner for heating sparge water.