Two malts enter

So I ended up with these two bags of malt, and it occurred to me, maybe I should do a direct comparison between them. You know, to see if there are any differences between them. Maybe even do a blind triangle test. What do y’all think? :smiling_imp:

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Only if the Rahr is mashed in a blue cooler, and Breiss in a red.

I only have a blue cooler. Can I wrap it in a red flannel shirt for the same effect?

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Only if you name it Al Borland.

I would be interested in that test as only a fool can’t tell what color the cooler was!

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I say go fer it! ifn it don’t turn out you can sack the whole lot of it! … No really, I would like to see how yer thing a ma jobby would turn out. I read a lot of peeps not liking Briess, yet, a little brew pub in superior swears by it! And I do enjoy their brews too! Rahr I have used and well, mediocre is where I place it myself… DO IT !!! Sneezles61

In superior as in fitgers?

No, Fitgers is in Duluth, Thirsty Pagan is Superioir… Derailed ale, India Pagan ale, and some more, not to forget them…. Sneezles61

I would like hear the results of a comparison. Breiss was about all I could get at the LHBS when I first started AG. I could only get Rahr locally in the last few years or so. Both seemed like good base malts but I am not very good at detecting small differences especially if it is not a side by side comparison.

My MT is a SS kettle so should I wrap a red or a blue blanket around it? Would one of each make it more impartial?

Mark, in this case you would have to mash twice. Once with each color.

Would blue or red produce a more grainy result or impact the graininess of either positively or negatively?


Well I’m not seriously going to do a double blind triangle test with these two malts, but I do intend to make the same recipe with them both to see if I can notice any differences. Because really, it’s only my perception that I care about at the end of the day and whether I like it or not. So I’ll take my biased self, fully expecting to get a grainy flavor from the Briess malt, and see if it still makes a good beer. I’m sure it will.

:smile::smile::smile:. Good on ya Porkchop!

yes one bag white the other one brown