Two kegs, one co2 line

first keg is about 3/4 full, just filled second keg, so i disconnected the c02 to force carb the second keg…
anything i need to do to the first keg to keep the beer fresh? I have two picnic taps, so can i just switch the gas between the two once the second is carb’d to pour? I’m eventually going to split the gas into both, but I haven’t had time and I needed to get the second beer kegged.

Just think of it as a large bottle once its carb you will be fine as long as you dont have a leak.

I do what you are suggesting all the time, just make sure you have positive pressure inside and a good seal

You will be fine. You will want to put the CO2 on each keg from time to time, especially as you drink the beer. I’ve been meaning to buy stuff to split my CO2 onto more than one keg, but simply conecting the CO2 on one keg and occasionally switching to the other is so easy, I might not bother spending more money.