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Two keg minifridge/freezer recommendation please

We are planning an upgrade to the patio and I’m looking to install a fridge/freezer that will accommodate two 5 gallon kegs. Max height is 34” but that’s the only real limitation. Should I be looking at minifridge or small chest freezers? It seems as though the chest freezers are all a couple of inches short inside. Thanks!

Kegco makes a couple kegerators that are meant to be outdoors. I kinda glossed over the outdoor selections because I was buying for the basement.

I remember shopping and seeing models that were actually meant to be outdoor built-ins, not just free-standing. For some reason purpose-made kegerators have some wild price ranges; some are under $1000 including tower and taps, others are several thousand with no clear justification as to why they’re more. So shop around.

If you go chest freezer, the trick is to build a collar out of some standard lumber. Search the DIY section. Some people have shown off some amazing carpentry. I rate my skills as Good, but not good enough to make something I’d have to look at everyday.

I am still able to put a full 5 gallon home-brew keg into a chest freezer, so thats what I have… When you open the door, the cold air doesn’t fall on your toes! If you go this route, like JmcK says, look at the "keezer"build ups… So many great ideas… Sneezles61

I have a Danby 440 that fits two 5 gallon kegs and a 2 1/2 gallon keg plus a paintball tank for CO2. I then built a wood cabinet to put it in and have 3 tap tower on top of the cabinet. A piece of PVC pipe runs from the top of the fridge to the bottom of the tower to seal it. It is taller than 34" but it was the best I could come up with. The whole thing sits outside all summer.

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