Two crops of hops?

Doing my daily observation of my 2nd year hops, and I was wondering about something I am seeing on my earlier varieties. The bines flowered, made cones, and now are making the side arms. Will these side arms make a 2nd crop of cones, or are these side arms just there to make more leaves? The later varieties are now making side arms and flowering on them which made me think the side arms of the earlier varieties might flower too. Just wishful thinking? Thanks.

I am able to answer my own question based on observation. I am seeing a few flowers on the side bines. I will keep observing to see just how many and what quality this second crop yields. This will also mean I will be harvesting cones on the same bines at different times. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first crop will be ready to pick and dry before the end of July. BTW, I am seeing this on my Tettnang and Williamette so far. The Goldings will probably do the same thing.