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Twisted Pretzel Wheat

Hey everyone, not sure if you all have tried it, but the limited edition Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat is amazing. Ive gone though 21 6-packs in just a couple weeks. Of course I share with everyone, I couldnt possibly drink that much.
But anyway, im here wondering if anyone has any idea how they make the pretzel flavor? I want to clone that beer but have no idea where to start? Any suggestions?

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Well hopefully someone will get around to this as a clone. Just tasted it for the first time and I think I found a good beer to go along with my nachos.

It is amazing beer in my opinion. Just wish I knew how they got that flavor.

Can’t get that here, but I want to know more. Does the pretzel flavor include saltiness?

As a total shot in the dark (and no idea if this is what they did), the first thing I’d try if wanting to create a flavor like that would be use a 50/50 mix of wheat and dark munich malt, bitter with noble hops and ferment with a lager yeast. And I’d use enough salt that you could distinctly taste it.

You know I don’t remember. I will have to sit here and sip it sometime this weekend and try to post up the flavors I get from it.

They use a flavoring to make it taste like pretzel. I wish it was something more artful or crafty, but the bottle says its flavored.

Despite that the beer is still pretty tasty, but not something I would regularly buy. My 2 cents.

I came across that beer in the store a week or so back. I was really excited for it but then I tasted it and ended up drinking just one. Not impressed and wont buy again.

There is a distinct pretzel smell but the flavor doesnt end well imo

How did this recipe turn out?

Never had it but everything I read says it’s a dark wheat Belgian with minimal hops and some residual sweetness. Toasty pretzel taste could come from roasted malts

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