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Twin Fermentations - one is not going

Brewed last Saturday a 9 gallon batch of beer. Split into 2 - 4.5 buckets. Put one package of fully inflated 1056 in each. I did not mix the 2 buckets before adding yeast. One batch is bubbling along. I noticed on one bucket what looked like a problem with the grommet seal in the lid - on Monday. No activity yet. What should I do?

Have you opened them to see what they look like? You can take a hydrometer reading too. Airlock activity isn’t a great guide, epecially with buckets; some lids don’t seal very well.

I agree with roffenburger. I have been fooled a few times by a non bubbling airlock. My bucket lid seal was just not holding very tight anymore. I have since started fermenting in my carboy.

All is well. I did open the buckets and the they looked the same. I took a hydrometer reading and they were the same as well. Checked again for readings at the bottling step and they were the same at that time. They are now bottled and I am waiting to enjoying the first of them in a week or so. Pretty confident all is well - or I least I sure hope so for all the people I gave Christmas presents to from this batch!!

Thanks for the good advice - it was some good common sense to check gravity readings - but I have been reluctant to open buckets prior to 2ndary transfers. No more…

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