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Turns to vinegar

y does my beer turn to vinegar after the fermentation is done it taste like good beer and after I bottling it it turns to vinegar?

Sounds like an Acetobacter infection. Turns ethanol into acetic acid. You need to double check on your sanitation procedures, and be very diligent to keep oxygen out of your fermented beer.

how are you sanitizing everything?

lo star sanitizer and boiling are water ahead of time soaking everything in the solution prior to use. is there anyway it could be the water quality or maybe just the blow offs we have had during the fermentation.

It could be the bottles or it could be the bottling bucket/racking cane. Thoroughly clean your equipment with some PBW or Oxyclean and a brush. Rinse the soap out with cold water 2X. Make a fresh batch of Starsan and be sure to dilute it to the appropriate concentration. Let it contact the bottles, caps, bottling bucket, siphon and hoses for 2 minutes. Bottle away.

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