Turky Fryer Sale

K-mart has a 30qt. turky fryer on sale for $44.99. If you order online it’s only $40.60, that’s a pretty good price to start full boils or for an extra pot and burner. This type of burner does come with a timer, wich sucks because it goes off every 15 min. or so. Still, it’s a good for an entry level set up. Just keep an eye on the timer, re-set it before it goes off and you’ll be fine. Cheers and Beers.

Here is a thread on modifying (bypassing) the timer.

http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f51/turkey- ... od-123043/

I had a brass insert with a hole in it in the aluminum plug that attached to the thermo-couple. I simply filled it with solder. It should not get hot enough there to melt the solder. I figure if it does get that hot, I have bigger problems because the hose would have already melted through.