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Turkey fryer to real burner upgrade- first notes

I upgraded my burner from a turkey fryer to the in house 220k btu burner from AIH. Holy crap, is it a big difference.

Before: set the turkey fryer at full tilt, with lid on, and wait maybe half an hour, check, and slowly creep up to a boil. Then turn it down a bit to maintain a lazy boil.

After: Light burner, turn it up halfway until flames lick up over the edges of the kettle, nearly boil over after 10 minutes. Struggled to find a low enough valve setting to maintain a boil. Holy crap.

I’m kind of happy, but I’ll need to finesse the low end to get a good rolling boil with 5 gallon batches. This thing is pretty powerful.

You’ll see, that after playing with a high pressure verses low pressure isn’t quite so difficult. In a couple of sessions you’ll know how to compensate your adjustments. FYI. I bought 2 different burners using the same banjo flame throwers, but different pressures. I am doing all with the high pressure one for now. Sneezles61

I’ve been eyeing their HP banjo burners. Only about 45 bucks a piece.

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Mine have worked fine since 2004. Soon, they’ll be relegated to a life in a box out in the shed. Sneezles61

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Yea that’s why I haven’t bought them. I keep thinking…electric…


Going from the dark star to a blichmann was exactly like your experience :grinning:

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