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Tubing size for racking cane?

Hello I have a question I have a 1/2in stainless steel racking here a pic of what I am talking about I am wanting to know what size siphon hose is needed to fit this 1/2in racking cane??

If you look on the site at tubing you will see it shows ID and OD. Measure the OD (outer dimension) of your cane and make sure it fits in the ID (inner dimension) of the tube.
For example

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IF its is 1/2" OD, you’ll want to get 3/8" ID silicone tubing… 1/2" won’t create a good seal and allow O2 to suck into your brew… So, if going into the bottling bucket, you will oxidize your brew, causing it to have off flavors… Even to the point you’ll want to dump it out… Sneezles61

good point

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