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Tubing Question

I’m planning on stopping by the LHBS as I’m on the other side of down visiting a friend, but I forgot to look at the tubing sizes and lengths I needed before I left my house. Can anyone jump in and give the specs for the tubing included with the basic starter kit? I’m pretty sure all I need is something to connect to my autosiphon and another tube to connect from the bottling bucket to the bottling wand. Also, what have you guys found to be the best method of cleaning tubing?

7/16" Inside Diameter for 1/2" auto siphon.
5/16" ID for 5/16" auto siphon.
5/16" or 3/8" ID for bottling wand.

Except for keg lines, most of my other tubing I just use warm/hot water through them ASAP after using them. And when I say ASAP, I mean it’s the first thing I do so nothing has a chance to dry.
Have not had any problems.

Is the clear tubing in Home Depot plumbing dept the right type? It says no lead. Sorry if I jumped in

Ask them if it’s food quality tubing.

Does anyone know if the autosiphon that comes in the standard 5 gallon starter kit is 5/16"? That’s my gut feeling.

Yes pretty sure it’s 5/16"

Look for the NSF mark on the tubing.

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