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Tube diameter too big for chiller?

Hey everyone!
I just found an ad locally for a place selling copper tubing super cheap. They have 1.25" X 58’ which I’m thinking of using. They also have 1" diameter tubing, but I’m not sure if they have such long lengths of that.

Anyway, the largest I’ve seen on commercially available chillers is .5" diameter. Do you think there’d be an issue making an IC with the 1.25" or 1" diameters? I typically brew 5-10gal batches, and have pretty cool tapwater all year round. Seems to me it’d be fine, just make sure to throttle the water flow rate a bit. I’ve also never made a chiller, so I don’t know what problems, if any, I’d have coiling the straight pieces. Or transporting them, now that I think of it…

You guys think it’d be an effective chiller, and worth the trouble? $30 for 58’…oof!

I would imagine bending the larger tubing would be much more difficult. Other than that the large tubing should be good.

It won’t have enough surface area to give you rapid cooling. get some 3/8" refrigeration tubing, its only about $1/ft.

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