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True Brew Oktoberfest Extract Kit

HI Home Brewers,

This is my first attempt at home brewing and I bought the True Brew Oktoberfest Extract Kit.

My question is… I followed the instructions to a “T”. After I pitched the Yeast (I used the cheap Muntans Ale Yeast the kit came with) It started doing its thing and I had great activity in the Carboy for about 38hrs. The airlock was popping about two to three times a second then after about 38hrs. it just stopped and now isn’t popping at all. I have it at a constant 70-74 degrees (I live in S. Florida and have not build a climate controlled fermenter yet).

Is this normal? should I keep it in the Carboy for the full two weeks before bottling? Is the temp. Wrong (the instructions said it should be between 60-75 degrees)?

I guess I’m just getting nervous and don’t want to have wasted a month + if I’m going to have a failed batch.

Any insight would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Your temps were a bit on the warm side. You did not ruin the beer, but it could have been better by fermenting lower. The warmer temps made it ferment a little faster than it would have at cooler temps. Very common problem. I would give it the full two weeks to allow it to mellow and to allow the yeast to clean up as much as possible.


Thanks. I kind of thought it was a little too high of a fermenting temp. I just got back from the Home Depot with all the supplies to build the fermenting box for the next batch…

Keys to better beer:

pitch enough yeast - make a starter if you do 5 gallon batches over 1.050 OG

Ferment cool - I ferment ales at 60-64 degrees - beer temp, not ambient. The beer, when actively fermenting, will rise 5 or so degrees

Give it enough time to finish.

Brew more

I use Muntans Ale yeast all the time. This is exactly what I see everytime I use it. Quick to start bubbling and quick to finish… The one thing I have seen many times that I can not explain is after letting it sit for 10-12 days I have had several start bubbling again for a few days. :?

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