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Trouble with Fermenters favorites fizz drops

I just opened a couple bottles of a bomber barley wine I brewed from northern brewer and its completely flat. The beer tastes fine other than maybe a tad sweet just no fizz. I did one week in a primary and another in a secondary, I wouldn’t think all the yeast would be dead by then But I could be wrong. My brother also experienced the same thing with a batch he used these in, I could see a bottle or two not sealing but not the whole batch. Has any one had this trouble or any ideas as to what could of went wrong, I have a Irish red bottling now I’m gonna be disappointed if its flat too.

I’ve never had a carbonation problem using the Fizzy Drops. Did you manipulate the bottles daily to rouse the yeast? I upend each bottle daily for a week while carbonating. At what temperature did you try to carbonate? I use current house temperature which usually is 60-68*f

I’ve seen a wide range of experiences on the forums regarding the “fizz drops”, many of them not so good (I’ll include myself in this group). Based on the law of averages, I think one would be better off to drop a calculated amount of table sugar or corn sugar in each bottle, along with perhaps a grain or two of a neutral yeast for insurance ( since you’re individually priming each bottle anyway) for much more predictable results.

How long did you bottle condition and at what temperature? Bombers will take longer to form carbonation and a longer chill time to carbonate the beer.

I let two bottles carb for three weeks at around 70-72F. (the rest is still on the shelf going on 4 weeks now) those two bottles were in the fridge for 4 days before I opened. My brother brought up the idea of “turning” or “tipping” the bottles, but I have never had to do that before with a priming sugar mixture or other methods so I kind of blew him off. I saw in my new NB catalog a new product that has sugar and yeast capsules that you drop in the bottle, maybe they should be putting these in their 1 gal kits.

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