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Trouble shooting

Making an all grain batch of ipa we burned the grain. Beer in 2ndary fermenter and has a very smokey smell/flavor. Any suggestions on fixing/saving batch? Thanks.

Sorry to say there’s not much you can do at this point. Either drink it or toss it.

May I ask how you burned the grain? Direct fire mash tun?

I doubt there is anything you can do to alter the flavor. Large amounts of dry hops probably won’t help.

You could try a drop or two of whiskey in a glass to see if it’s drinkable.

Yes, direct fire mash. I’ll try a little alcohol in a test sample and see what happens. Thanks for the imput.

My last thought would be to keep it for a marinate. Do you or a friend/co-worker have a smoker?

Or infect it and turn it into a malt vinegar?


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