Trouble brewing with a friend

Let the hydometer make the decision.

Sometimes you gotta weigh it out- WUTs more important: beer or friend.

My choice was beer, and I got no regrets.


while drinking beer you will find new friends

Yes, when brewing, buying beer, peeps always show up! :wink: Sneezles61

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every time you brew do 2 brews you are in charge of yours and he is in charge of his, end of problem, plus you have twice as much to drink, that way you still get to brew with your friend. good luck bob

Yeah, let a friend help me brew today. All seemed to be going well until I had to run in the house to grab my Irish moss. Why I was in the house my timer went off for my bittering hops, so he proceeded to take it upon himself to add my hops.
Well he added my cascade aroma hops instead of the Chinook bittering hops.
It kinda bugged me he just up and did it. And I didn’t catch it was the wrong hop cause I was p’d off that he added the whole oz. Not the required .75oz. Then it was time to add the German pearl flavor hops , and realized I had a package of Chinook left and only one pkg of cascade.
So no more people around on brew day.
I went ahead and added the Chinooks. About 40minutes into boil. I pray it’s not ruined.

I’m sure it won’t be ruined but maybe not what you were expecting. Although it is nice for an extra hand to lift stuff when needed.

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And clean up

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I have a great brew partner, We use my place for brewing and fermenting. We each have our own equipment and we buy our own grains. We bounce things off of each other and we are both well read on the subject and we have been brewing together for 2.5 years. We both have our own theories and follow our own schedules. We had a talk and set the basic rules. The rest of it we just make up as we go along.

Good luck!

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thats why i do the calculations and yeast starters he can only time and drink and on the end buy the ice o cool down the worth and help me transfer the beer to fermenting bucket

A little Tow Sawyer Whitewashing got my kids to bottle for me for a spell.

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I have some great helpers they just sit around and drink my beer while I brew. Helps me always have an empty keg ready.

If that’s the case, I must ask if you need any help on your next brew day?

Well, if you can’t brew with your friend, you could always brew WITH your friend.

I recommend a protein rest…


I never took you for a cannibal :wink:

Pulled a sample this afternoon. The krausen has started to drop however it still had a decent blanket on top of the beer. After 8 days its at 1.008, In another few days we’ll take another sample.

I won’t take a SG sample until about two weeks after the start of the fermentation. A second sample a few days or so later. I don’t bottle until the CO2 produced by the fermentation has off gassed allowing suspended particles and excess yeast to drop out. By this time the beer has cleared and is ready to bottle.

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Always willing to lend a hand. I like that