Trippel to sweet

So my buddy just brewed a big Trippel OG 1.115. He gave me one to try over the weekend. It was awefull, it tasted like a glassfull of syrup. I know his time was way off 8 days primary 8 days secondary. I’m thinknig it just didn’t have time to finish. I’m gonna see him tomorrow at work and I want to give him contructive criticism. I don’t know what yeast he used or how much/if a yeast starter was used. Let me know your thoughts.

Oh boy, 16 days total? I haven’t done a trippel myself yet, but most posts I’ve seen are talking about MONTHS. So what do you say? How close a friend is he? And are you hoping to keep him a friend?
I guess, be honest…then duck. :wink:
On the other hand, if he lets it sit for a multitude of months, maybe it’ll get better.

You don’t necessarily need months for a tripel, but you need to give it time to ferment out. Especially at that stupid high gravity. 4 weeks in primary would be a minimum IMO.

I agree with Danny. 4 week primary at the least.

Denny, did you just refer to a high gravity as “stupid”? :smiley:

Any gravity over 1.060 requires a reasonable time for fermentation. Nothing is stupid, just higher than typically expected…

[quote=“enginir”]Denny, did you just refer to a high gravity as “stupid”? :smiley: [/quote]I think he’s referring to brewing a “tripel” at 1.115 - that’s more like a quintupel! (Tripels top out around 1.085)

To the OP, first ask your buddy if he’s happy with the sweet beer. If so, you’re done. If not, ask if he made a yeast starter and if so, how big? Then suggest that he should leave the beer in the primary until it reaches the desired FG before transferring to a secondary.

For a tripel, yes, it is.

Even with a starter, I don’t think I’d want to ferment that short with such a high gravity. Could be sweet because hop balance was inadequate.