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Tripel PM yeast pitch instructions unclear

step 1 says to incubate the yeast a day in advance
step 19 says cut the packet and pour into fermentor


i assume incubating for a day would be the better plan?

also can i bottle prime this?

In my experience, “Incubate” has referred to something I would equate to making a starter (adding the yeast pack to some wort and giving it a chance to reproduce). Step 19, “Cut the packet and pour into fermenter,” sounds like a Wyeast pouch.

I’m GUESSING what your instructions call “incubating” actually means bursting the nutrient pack inside the Wyeast pouch then giving it time to swell. (Although these are often called “smack packs”, don’t smack it! Locate the nutrient packet and squeeze it until it bursts.)

Your initial yeast pitching should not affect whether you bottle prime or keg the beer.

Can you provide a more complete description of the kit, manufacturer and number of the yeast.

My questions may make more sense if you take a couple of hours to read the free (and old) version of “How to Brew” by John Palmer at

Carmelite Triple grain Tripel (partial mash)

I have not ordered the kit yet, I was just going through the instructions (on-line from NB website) to see if it was something i thought i could do.

It says (in kit inventory) that I should be getting Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes.
Here are steps 1 & 2 per instruction sheet:


  1. Incubate yeast. Remove the yeast from the refrigerator, and “smack” as shown on the back of the yeast package. Do not brew with inactive yeast — we can replace the yeast, but not a batch that fails to ferment properly.
  2. Prepare a yeast starter. Follow the Yeast Starter Kit instructions. Allow the starter to incubate for at least one day.

These steps are perfectly acceptable until I get to step 19 which says:

  1. Add half of the yeast once the temperature of the wort is 78°F or lower (not warm to the touch). Use the sanitized scissors to cut off a corner of the yeast pack, and carefully pour the yeast into the primary fermenter.

Something else I just noticed…if I should make a starter do I use the entire packet and try to pour in only half or just start with half to make the starter? Why not use the whole pack anyway…i thought extra yeast was a good the in high ABV beers?

I agree that the instructions are a little confusing. Here’s all you need to do:

Make a yeast starter of about 2.5 quarts size. Boil and cool the starter wort. Pitch the entire smack pack into the 2.5 quarts. Let 'er rip for a day or two. Then brew and pitch the entire yeast starter.

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