Tripel is at 1.003. Infected?

Just took another reading of my tripel to make sure it was finished fermenting. Last I checked it it was 1.008. I just checked it today and it is at 1.003. I’m a little worried. FG was 1.081. That’s like 96% apparent attenuation. It tastes fantastic and there are no visual signs of infection. Is it possible I just got some crazy high attenuation? Has anyone had this high attenuation without an infection? I just started cold crashing it. Is there anyway to be sure its not infected?


Pretty sure he used 3787.

I’ve had a couple saisons ferment that low and they turned out fine. They weren’t that high on the OG though. That will be a strong beer.

Pretty sure he used 3787.[/quote]

That’s correct. Over 10%

3787 got 91% attenuation with my Belgian Dark Strong, 9.9 abv. I brewed it May 2013.

I don’t have the best notes on fermentation but I don’t think it got much warmer than 70-72. I had just learned about fermentation temp control and the idea of letting it run rampant scared me.

Had one about a month ago. Its really good. Complex maltiness with caramel and fig flavors, sweet spicy boozy aroma, finishes boozy and dry. Should be really good in another year or so.

Recipe? If there was enough simple sugar in there, it could push the FG down that low.

I was thinking the same thing. Must have been a lot of sugar in there.

I just used the 3787 for my gruit a couple months ago and got just 76% attenuation. However I fermented cold around 60 F. If you fermented warm, and used a lot of sugar, I suppose it’s remotely possible that your attenuation could have been crazy. However, this has not been my experience. Most I ever got was 79%.

I read the book " Brew like a Monk" a lot of the Belgian brews go into 90s. Like rebuilt says you are adding straight sugar. I believe that’s the point.

A “wort” with OG = 1.089 and made just from simple sugar - and enough nutrients to keep the yeast healthy - would ferment down to about 0.992 or thereabouts. So if you think of your wort as composed of two separate worts, one with just simple sugars that will end at 0.992 and the other made from only malt that will get 70-80% apparent attenuation, then the FG of the mix would be a simple interpolation between the two based on the relative proportions.

There was 2.5lbs of sugar in there and 14lbs of pilsner mashed at 148 so I expected it to be dry. Just a little lower than I expected. Actually after looking at beersmith2, the expected FG for my system is 1.005 so I guess it’s not much lower than that. I just never expected my biggest beer to date to also be the highest attenuator.

Hide Those!! I have found the Tripel’s that ferment down that low to be the best…but they need some cellaring. Most commercial tripel’s come off too sweet to me, so I always ramp the temps up to high 60’s low 70’s for the last week of ferm. Should be good off the bat, awesome by summer, and amazing this fall…if you can keep out of it. :wink:

Cheers to Belgian Beers!!