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Treansfer to beer keg

day off today so gonna transfer couple of beers a siera madre ale and a imperial pale ale .normaly i like to filter my beer during transfer to the keg. this time no filter during transfer my buddy thinks we should not filter the beer . well we both brew so think do this time what he wants . question who does filter and who not

No filter here… cold crash, gelatin… then, quaff away! Sneezles61

The only beers I filter are lagers that call for brilliantly clear beer. Filtering will provide a clearer beer but it will also strip out flavor and aroma. Including those ever desired hop flavors and aromas.

I think I read in a prior post that you haven’t been happy with some of your hop forward beers. This could be the very reason.

I’ve never filtered my beer and I don’t use gelatin. I believe good process will help you brew good clear beer. Having said that I seldom bottle except from the keg. Cold crashing has always been enough for me when I bottled.

I use gelatin most of the time but not always. If I’m not in a rush to get the beer on tap then I don’t add gelatin.

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