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Traverse City

Going to be there tomorrow day/ night. Anyone recommend a brewery or two to hit up? I think there are five or six in the area.

North Peak is good. Good food, too. If you’re into wine there are several up the Leelanau peninsula. My brother in law makes wine for Chateau de Leelanau. Fantastic stuff. There is a small cidery close as well…Tandem Ciders. It’s incredible! Small and quaint, but great stuff. Short’s production brewery is in Elk Rapids…about 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure when they do tours.

Have fun!

Where is Traverse City?


Depends on how much you want to travel? I would hit up Shorts in bellaire they’re about 15 miles from traverse. But have 20 beers on tap and great food. Jolly pumpkin has amazing food and beer. There’s also Right brain but I don’t think they have food. If you’re looking for a place with allot of beers on tap then go to 7 monks they have good food too.

I was going to suggest Shorts in Bellaire, but its over an hour from TC. Agreed though…great food. They make some pretty eccentric beers, so if you go there, be sure to get a flight.

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